Thursday, March 7, 2013

In Conservative Arizona, Government-Run Health Care That Works - Kaiser Health News


APACHE JUNCTION, Ariz. – In a low-slung building in the vast desert expanse east of Phoenix, a small school of tropical fish peer out, improbably, from a circular tank into the waiting lounge of the Apache Junction Health Center. The hallways of the nursing home are still. Only half of the rooms are filled, and the men and women who live here seem surely in life’s final season. “These are folks that have chronic cognitive and physical disabilities that are not going to improve,” said George Jacobson, administrator of the nursing home.

That this nursing home is sparsely filled with residents too disabled in mind or body to return home is a stunning achievement for Arizona’s public health insurance agency. A decade ago, 60 percent of Arizonans covered by Medicare and Medicaid, and deemed sick, frail or disabled enough to live in a nursing home, resided in a skilled nursing facility. Today, only 27 percent of them do, and the rest – nearly three out of four– live in assisted living facilities or at home with the help of nurses, attendants and case managers provided by government-paid health plans.

As Congress debates an ambitious and far-reaching effort by the Obama administration to streamline medical care and rein in spending for the nation’s sickest and most expensive patients, Arizona – with its finger-wagging Republican governor and Tea Party enthusiasts – is occupying an unusual place in the national landscape: as a model for how a generously-funded, tightly regulated government program can aid vulnerable, low-income patients.

In Conservative Arizona, Government-Run Health Care That Works - Kaiser Health News

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