Thursday, November 1, 2007

Although U.S. Spends Twice as Much...-

Coverage & Access Although U.S. Spends Twice as Much as Other Industrialized Nations on Health Care, More in This Country Have Access Problems, Survey Finds -

"The article notes that the U.S. spent $6,697 per capita, or about 16% gross domestic product, on health care in 2005. Other nations in 2005 spent less than half that amount per person on health care. The survey found that respondents in Canada and the U.S. often visit emergency departments for routine care and that those in the U.S. 'were most likely to have gone without care because of cost and to have high out-of-pocket costs.'

In addition, the survey found that 37% of all respondents in the U.S. and 42% of those with chronic diseases 'had skipped medications, not seen a doctor when sick, or forgone recommended care in the past year because of costs -- rates well above all other countries.' In contrast, respondents in Britain, Canada and the Netherlands 'rarely report having to forgo needed medical care because of costs,' according to the survey. Respondents in New Zealand and Britain had the least confidence in the quality of care that they received, and those in Germany and the U.S. had the most access to elective surgeries, the survey found.

Commonwealth Fund President Karen Davis said, 'The survey shows that in the U.S., we pay the price for having a fragmented health care system,' adding, 'The thing that struck me in this survey is the trouble that Americans have in getting to see their own doctors'"

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From a note on my patient's chart today:

Dr. _______
Mrs. ________ has exhausted her SNF [Skilled Nursing Facility] coverage. She has used her full 100 days and does not qualify for Medical Assistance [Medicaid]. She would have to privately pay for an SNF and she cannot afford this.

Doctor's Reply: What can I do about this?

Response: The patient and family are aware and husband says he will hire help but cannot afford private pay at SNF.

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