Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Organized Medicine on HCR Updated Again

Update: the ASA, No. 7 below did not support the HCR Bill, just a Public Option. See the full correction here. My apologies.

Not an earth shattering update, but a membership update on one of the organizations courtesy Alice C. of Doctors for America

Below are the largest physicians organization, in order, with estimated membership numbers based on their own websites (or other sources when the Web Site didn't have them). Previously we had the AOA, American Osteopathic Association, as number 5 because their web site had previously said they "represent" 67,000 Osteopaths. Alice sent me actual numbers indicating they have about 40,000 members, still keeping them in the top ten, just not as high up.

All are YES on reform with Public Option and supporting the House Bill, with some points of contention, but generally have endorsed it.

1. AMA 240,000
2. ACP 126,ooo (Internists and many medical subspecialists)
3. AAFP 94,000 (Family Practice)
4. ACS 76,000 (surgeons)
5. AAP 60,000 (pediatricians)
6. ACOG 52,000 (ob-gyn)
7. ASA 43,000 (Anesthesiology!)

8. AOA 40,000 (osteopaths)
9. APA 38,000 (psychiatry)
10. ACC 37,000 (cardiology)

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Anonymous said...

The american college of surgeons has opposed the affordable care act. http://www.facs.org/hcr/acsopposes3590.pdf

Christopher M. Hughes, MD said...

The original House Bill was supported by the ACS:

After SGR was removed, IPAB was left in, and some other things in the Senate Bill, they changed to oppose. OTOH, as I noted in my correction to this post, other than the ASA and ACS, the largest physician organizations still supported HB 3200 and continued qualified support for the final bill.